Standards of Care

In a case that deals with an alleged breach in patient care, it is essential to know the standard of care in place at the time of the event in question, and what type of care is alleged to have been provided or omitted.

Policies and Procedures

The specific policies and procedures that governed the practitioner or medical facility involved in rendering the patient care are also vital for clarification of the professional's distinct responsibilities and boundaries, for instance:

  • What was the physician's role and responsibility?
  • What was the nurse's role and responsibility?
  • What was the medical facility's role and responsibility?
  • What part of the patient's care was the medical staff not responsible for?
  • Did the patient have any involvement in omission of medical care?
Knowledgeable Experts

At Essential Edge our consultants and Medical Experts can help your firm identify the necessary policies, procedures and patient care standards that apply to your case and help you understand how they apply.

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