Thorough Case Evaluation

Essential Edge will thoroughly evaluate your case, paying attention to every detail and then provide you with opinions about whether or not your case has merit and how you proceed. Written opinions and evaluations are available if required. Our Medical Experts will help you to build a solid case by gathering evidence and providing well researched and compelling reports.

Support Services

Essential Edge offers a wide range of support services.

  • Medical Expert Witnesses
  • Determing the merit of the case
  • Identifying major issues to consider within your case, both positive and negative
  • Determining what Medical Experts are needed to support theories presented by your case
  • Providing targeted audits of charts and records for specific investigations
  • Locating and obtaining the service of appropiate specialists and experts
  • Obtaining a second opinion for analysis of a case in question
  • Helping to identifiy potential witnesses
  • Identifying issues of liability
  • Helping to determine appropriate damages
  • Educating attorneys to help them understand medical situations and available alternatives in treatment

We thoroughly examine medical records and analyze them to assess all areas of patient care, specifically searching for causation, omissions, and any deviations in medical standards. A layperson reviewing medical information may not understand the significance of some small notation, or may fail to recognize that part of a critical record is missing from the documents. Our staff will identify those essential details that can make all the difference in getting the facts straight and winning your case.

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