Whether your team represents Defense or Plaintiff in a malpractice claim, Essential Edge has the experience, expertise, and resources to assist you in your case development. We are a full service group that can assist you from the beginning of your case to the day of trial.

If you are a Plaintiff's firm we can provide initial review by an appropriate medical expert to determine if medical standards of care were met or breached. In plain words whether or not there was medical malpractice. We are fair minded and honest in our assessments.

For Defense and Plaintiff's firms we have the capability of assisting in locating appropriate, highly qualified medical and nursing experts to assist you as you develop you case during the discovery process. We can help prepare you with customized medical questions for medical witnesses at deposition. We are experts in medical, hospital, and nursing standards of care. Our experts all testify in court if needed and all are board certified in their area of practice and are in active practice. We do not employ any services from parties in foreign countries. We diligently strive to find the best local expert to provide best value and accessibility for your case preparation.

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